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For casual, recreational, fitness, sport, extreme and competitive cyclists, Cyclelink can link you to a world wide range of cycling products.

Our aim to provide every Cyclelink customer with helpful information, excellent service and quality products at the great prices. Whatever you need, we can get it for you. If you are looking for a bargain, check in store as our wholesalers regularly give us unbelievably cheap prices on popular products, and we want to pass these discounts onto you. With a large range of products and bicycles in stock you are sure to find what you are looking for: family & recreational riders, road, BMX and MTB. Thank you for visiting us. And most of all, enjoy your cycling pursuits. 

Lynn Miles and the Cyclelink Team


Thanks Lynn and Bruce for being the best local bike shop.

From a complete overweight novice, in 6 years I’ve been transformed into a cycling fan. You’ve built me wheels, I complained about the weight, you said they where strong, I complained about the weight – guess what I still race on the wheels long after my super expensive light weight wheels have cracked and been chucked. You’ve sold me great bikes for my kids. I still wear the MTB and road shoes I bought from you. I’ve bought all the tools to service my bike and then you’ve still ended up servicing my bike because I just couldn’t do it right. I bought tyres, parts, clothing, goo, bike rack and lube. You true my wheels. The trainer was one of my best buys. I’ve ridden 6 x Around the Bay, 4 x 100km MTB enduros, Beach Road every weekend and completed my first solo ironman on Queens Birthday weekend in 14:30. Soon I will achieve 42,000 kms, which is the distance around the world. All this was achieved with the helpful advice and assistance provided by the team at Cyclelink. Thank you so much for supporting my interest in this fantastic sport. All the best with the new shop, it looks fantastic. See you soon. Lloyd

Very happy with my purchase, and very much appreciate the help, thanks guys!

I went in to Cyclelink today to by some bike shoes and pedals and was very happy I chose the long drive to the suburbs instead of the easy online shop option – the guy was so friendly and helpful, showing me all the different shoes and then telling me about the different pedals/cleats I’d need. He then went and attached the cleats for me, and they were nice enough to go to the trouble of attaching my new pedals to their trainer bike so I could test the fit of it all. Turns out I needed quite a bit of adjustment, and Damo was quiet happy to take the time to fit them properly, adjust and readjust. Very happy with my purchase, and very much appreciate the help, thanks guys! Katie

Cyclelink Ambassadors

Cameron Hill

Cameron’s family has been visiting us since he was a toddler and bought his first bike here. Now he’s a triathlete with dreams of racing at a professional level. Follow his story here: www.instagram.com