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Tioga Bike Travel Case

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A rigid eva moulded lightweight cycle case
Closed with industrial strength zip
Airline friendly

Designed for either a single road or mountain bike, the TIOGA EVA Bike Box with wheels will fit most frame sizes -generally up to 58cm (large frame) with swivel wheels at the front and rear with fixed inline wheels at the centre. We have tested this case to generously fitted a large (19in) 29er Mountain Bike. Like all bike travel cases you still have to remove both wheels, seat & post, pedals, & handle bars from the headstem. We also recommend you detatch the derailleur from the frame.

With the TIOGA EVA Bike Box it is easier to travel than ever before.

Whether you travel inter-city, inter-island, or international you need something safe and secure to transport your ride right? This case is designed to carry road, mountain or BMX bikes as far as you are willing to travel. Constructed of hard-wearing, durable EVA foam it features moulded recessions for your wheels with centre holes and skewers (supplied) to attach them securely to the inside of the case. It also features straps to secure your frame so it is held firmly within the case, and foam tubes to protect your frame.


- Rigid EVA moulded cycle suit case. EVA (ethylene Vinyl Acetate) has high impact strength and good tear/abrasion resistance making it an ideal construction for the bike pod
- The bike pod is moulded to fit most road, touring and mountain bikes in a secure "locked in" position to reduce chance of damage whilst in transit.
- The "Clam Shell" design also enables it to be fully opened for easy packing and unloading
- Bike wheels lock into place using quick release skewers
- Industrial strenght zippers, backed up with quick release buckles
- Strong integrated wheels for easy carrying
- Conforms to all major airline baggage handling rules
- Dimensions: 1200mm x 907mm x 280mm
- Weight: 6.7kg

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