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BBB ToolBox Compact Campagnolo

$229.95 inc GST

In stock

Metal case toolbox specifically designed for maintenance to Campagnolo equipped bikes.
The case has extra space so that you can add additional tools to meet your specific needs.
Tools included:
BTL-05 Nautilus II – Chain rivet tool.
BTL-51 ChainChecker – Chain wear checker.
BTL-32L BoldGrip – Chainring nut wrench.
BTL-37 EasyLift – Tire levers.
BTL-28 ThreeStar – Hex key set.
BTL-28T TorxStar – Torx key set.
BTL-15 Turner II – Spoke wrench.
BTL-11 TurnTable – Freewheel turner.
BTL-38 UltraGrip – Bottom bracket set.
BTL-33 BottomFix – Lock-ring remover / Bottom bracket tool.

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