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BBB ToolBox AllRound Kit

$279.95 inc GST

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Extra strong Toolbox with the 16 most common tools for your bike maintenance.
Foam inserts keep the tools in place.
Extra space to add additional tools to meet your specific needs.
Tools included:
TurnTable, BTL-11 - Freewheel turner. Also fits 10-speed cassettes.
LockOut, BTL-12S - Lockring remover.
Hexagon 8 mm, BTL-13 - Hex key.
Hexagon 10 mm, BTL-13 - Hex Key.
Turner II, BTL-15 - Spoke wrench.
ToothBrush, BTL-17 - Cassette cleaner.
ThreeStar, BTL-28 - Hex key set (4,5,6 mm).
TorxStar, BTL-28T - Torx key set (T25, T30, T40).
BoldGrip, BTL-32L - Chainring nut wrench.
BottomFix, BTL-33L - Lock-ring remover / bottom bracket tool.
ChainChecker, BTL-51 - Chain wear checker.
ProfiCut, BTL-54 - Cable cutter.
ProfiConnect, BTL-55 - Chain rivet tool.
LinkFix, BTL-77 - Chain link tool.
2 x ProfiLift, BTL-79 - Tire lever.

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